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Updates and New Features

Date Title Description
09/01/2016 New Feature - Student Achievements Parents, Students, Administrators and Teachers can now add a list of student achievements like, performances, exam scores or even just your first lesson. You can add an image, title, description, video or audio link and date. You can then view an print them out to create your own music achievement scrap book.

Parents can add Achievements by clicking on a student from the Parents form then selecting the lesson assignment tab then click the Student Achievement Button to access the forms.

Administrators can access the Achievements from the Parents | Students tab of the registration form. Select a parent then a student then click the Student Achievement Button to access the forms.

Teachers get access by selecting a student to teach then click the Student Achievement Button to access the forms.
06/16/2016 SSL Security Certificate added I just added a SSL Security Certificate to encrypt all pages from the bad guys.
06/16/2016 Apology regarding current state of videos. Being so busy updating the site I have not had the time to update the videos yet. There are a few minor differences when comparing the site now with the current videos but you should be able to sort it out but if not my support phone # is available if you have registered and I will do my best to get you going.
06/09/2016 Numerous Updates Numerous updates and fixes mostly to do with having two versions of MTO. One for Music Schools and a light version for Private Music Teachers. While we were at it we spruced up the look and hopefully made it a bit easier to navigate.
- New pop up menu that is persistent on all pages. To access click the "Hamburger Button" in the upper right corner of the screen.
02/09/16 FIX: Error with updating Start and End times in School Defaults There was an error being thrown when updating the Start and End times in the Set up Wizard and Studio Defaults of the School Defaults page. This has now been corrected.
01/28/16 Canadian Child ARTS Tax Credit Report (CATC) This is the same as simple statements but you must add a third date, the start of the tax year being report(eg. 01/01/2015). MTO then calculates eligibility by the students age (they must be under the age of 16 on Jan. 1st of the tax year being reported.
01/27/16 Simple Satements From the Invoices Tab in you will find a statements button. Clicking on it will produce a simple statement of Invoices and returns by date which can then be printed out.
01/26/16 Admin Reports I have created two simple reports which can be accessed from the Administrators home page upon logging in. The first report calculates Gross Profit by date (Lesson Income - Returns - Payroll = GP). The second is the same but for individual teachers. Once the report has been generated you can print it via your browsers print features.
12/09/15 Email Parents and Teachers Feature Added Administrators can email parents and teachers either current or for all time. Teachers can email current parents only. Emails are sent the Music Teachers Office webmail. The replyTo email address is the address for the current user that is currently logged in. You can send to multiple email addresses at one time as long as it is less than 25 recipients. As well a BCC of out going mail will be sent to the administrator.
11/26/15 Reset Parent's and Teacher's passwords I have added the ability for administrators to reset parents and teachers passwords. This has been added to the parents tab of the registrations page and the teachers page in the studio defaults pages.
11/25/15 Group Lessons The Group Lesson feature allows you to add multiple spaces to any room, day and time. Check out the instructions/explanation in the new Default Wizard in the Defaults page.
11/18/15 Automated Invoicing To save you lots of time I have added code to automate the task of invoicing so it only takes two clicks to add an invoice to a previously added registration, if there are invoices already created for the registration. Just click new then save. MTO takes a look at the values of the invoice that was entered last and uses those values to populate the new invoice. It also adds one month to the payment date and examines the last end date and then calculates the new start and end date for you. If something has changed like the start date or method of payment make the changes before clicking Save. If no previous invoices are present you will have to add in the values your self.
11/1/15 Default Wizard To help you get a better start I have created a Defaults Wizard so you will not miss a step in the set up process.